Scott Lacy is a long-standing fan of the documentary genre and a documentary filmmaker as well. He has a background in technology, photograpy and video production. He's currently working on a film about the “last great newspaper war” in Anchorage, Alaska.

Lacy, a native of Richmond, Va., began his career as a newspaper reporter in Anchorage. A nomad in his earlier years, Lacy has worked and lived in all five U.S. time zones.

Lacy began podcasting in late 2020 and currently produces the Talking Documentary podcast every 3-4 weeks. He lives with his trusty mutt, Ollie, in downtown Durham, NC, a mere 10-minute walk from the site of the world-famous Full Frame Documentary Film Festival.

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Observations and conversations on the art, craft and business of documentary filmmaking.


Scott Lacy

Documentary filmmaker. Host of Talking Documentary.