Phil Wall processes his grief in the making of "The Book Keepers"Listen now (49 min) | Sometimes healing—and a film you didn't foresee—can be found in the edit
The pros aren't simply great storytellers; they are master problem-solvers as well

January 2023

Zachary Levy unearths gold in "Strongman"Listen now (52 min) | Vérité filmmaker meets character made for the form; magic ensues
The ubiquity of streaming services gave new life to old films ... and overlooked ones
His 2011 film, "Fake It So Real," turned out to be prophetic
Haas directed the sensitive documentary, "Real Boy"

December 2022

Shaleece Haas tackles one of America's great social issues in "Real Boy"Listen now (48 min) | Ten years ago, Shaleece Haas stumbled upon a musician whose lyrics captured her attention ... and then her imagination. Turns out…

October 2022

Robert Greene returns to his roots to film pro wrestlers in "Fake It So Real"Listen now (65 min) | Robert Greene is an award-winning filmmaker who directed the highly regarded Netflix documentary, "Procession." But at the dawn of…

September 2022

Drew Xanthopolous leans on his humanity to enter the world of "The Sensitives"Listen now (77 min) | Drew Xanthopolous was a young, unestablished filmmaker when he came across a New York Times photo essay that would launch his…

November 2021

Elizabeth Lo captures the romance of urban dog life in "Stray"Listen now (32 min) | In the United States, stray dogs are not allowed to live on the street. They are whisked away to live in concrete cells. The…

October 2021

Justin Schein faces an unthinkable dilemma in "Left on Purpose."Listen now (43 min) | Justin Schein is a veteran filmmaker who has worked with scores of documentary subjects, but nothing could prepare him for an…

August 2021

Joe Brandmeier hits the road to interview married couples in "I Do?"Listen now (46 min) | Joe Brandmeier was an average married guy who accepted the ups and downs of being coupled. But then a particularly tough patch in…